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Established in 2011, SPEAKeasy Spirits is an artisan distillery nestled in the historic Nations neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Whisper Creek® Tennessee Sipping Cream® is our flagship brand. Recognizing niches as well as creating new categories such as Tennessee Sipping Cream® helps us build a unique and highly sought after portfolio at SPEAKeasy Spirits Distillery.

Here at SPEAKeasy, we also produce Pickers Vodka, Pennington’s Flavored Rye Whiskeys, Collins Cordials and 3 proprietary whiskey mash bills which will be launched in the coming years. Our production is of the highest quality and orchestrated by a team that knows, appreciates and understands our city and consumer base. We are harvesting our Davidson Reserve Tennessee Rye Whiskey on October 17th, 2017 at our distillery. This will be a three year 100% white cereal rye single barrel whiskey and our first release under the new distillery name. 

In addition to producing our own brands, we offer private labeling, bottling, rectifying and processing services to the alcohol beverage industry. 

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